Dr. Robert A. Kaufmann Champions Your Efforts to Overcome Infertility

The success of our fertility center rests on the shoulders of our distinguished and nationally recognized physician: Dr. Robert A. Kaufmann. Dr. Kaufmann is board certified as an obgyn and reproductive endocrinologist, recipient of numerous peer and patient awards and an active member of leading professional associations. Dr. Kaufmann is dedicated to pioneering research, authoring academic studies and advocating for all people wishing to access infertility care.

Dr. Kaufmann fully commits himself to helping you leave infertility behind … and move forward as a parent.



From Tweaking Ovulation Patterns to Harnessing the Power of Advanced Reproductive Technology, Fort Worth Fertility Focuses on Results

Our focus on male infertility and female infertility requires us to constantly evolve and adopt new techniques, and fertility treatment methodologies. Most patients will need only basic intervention, such as ovulation induction and intrauterine insemination.

Blocked fallopian tubes, a history of recurrent miscarriage or failed IVF cycles might require us to recommend advanced fertility treatment such as in-vitro fertilization (IVF) with preimplantation genetic diagnosis, male infertility intervention or minimally invasive fertility surgery.

Fort Worth Fertility Treatment Options

What use is a host of advanced fertility options if you can’t afford treatment? Fort Worth Fertility pricing structures and financing options are designed to put the latest treatments within reach.

We invite you to meet our fertility specialist, compare our IVF success rates and explore our website detailing fertility treatment services. Fort Worth Fertility has served Fort Worth and the Mid-Cities in DFW for nearly a decade, with a combined 30 years of experience in reproductive medicine.

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Patient-Centered Care. Exceptional Results.

Finding and partnering with the right fertility clinic can make the single greatest impact on your efforts to get pregnant and have a baby. Fort Worth Fertility brings together three key elements that lead to successful outcomes for our families:

  • Fertility specialists who are leaders in the field of reproductive medicine give expert care and innovative fertility treatment
  • A comprehensive array of fertility treatment services, from basic to advanced, tailored to your unique situation
  • A caring, compassionate staff that recognizes a mind-body connection to fertility

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