Single Embryo Transfer

Single Embryo Transfer Helps Decrease the Chance for Multiples

Transferring more than one embryo at a time can present higher risks for both the mother and babies throughout pregnancy and delivery. Because of this increased risk, we have become one of the leaders in the country regarding single embryo transfer. Even with the transfer of one embryo, there is a possibility of multiple births, but Dr. Kaufmann pioneered techniques to reduce these chances.

About 10% of our IVF cases are single embryo transfers intentionally.

We offer an incentive program to couples who are concerned with multiple births and wish to transfer only one embryo after discussing the options with the physician. The transfer for the next cycle is free, however, the cost of the cycle itself will include monitoring (sonograms and lab work)and medications. For an explaination of pricing, please contact the business office. We will be happy to explain in further detail.

Our pregnancy rate for single embryo transfer for those that qualify is approximately 65%. These patients have an approximately 80% chance of conception with a two embryo transfer, with a 50% chance of a twin pregnancy. If the patient elects for a single embryo transfer and uses a cryopreserved embryo, her chances of conception are approximately 80%. This is similar to the transfer of two fresh blastocysts with less than a 5% chance of twins or greater. This program reinforces and demonstrates our confidence in our IVF program.

We transfer a much lower number of embryos than the average IVF program, and continue to maintain pregnancy rates that are well above national average. View our success rates

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