Fertility Treatment

Choose an Experienced Provider of IVF, Fertility Rescue and Surrogacy

The infertility clinic founded by Dr. Robert Kaufmann provides world-class care that is both affordable and effective. These doors open a world of possibilities to overcome, protect and preserve fertility.

Age, illness or hormonal imbalances can destroy your prospects for starting a family. Fort Worth Fertility intervenes with treatment options, from IVF to elective fertility preservation. Today’s possibilities even include fertility rescue, bringing hope adolescents and young adults facing cancer.

Our established fertility clinic advocates for your family-building choices. Dr. Kaufmann and Dr. Patel employ advanced fellowship training in reproductive endocrinology to direct your fertility treatment. Whether you have struggled with recurrent miscarriage, or need a proactive plan for fertility preservation, we have answers.

Fertility Treatments We Offer Include:

Effective Fertility Treatments Begin with Informed Decisions
When you choose to partner with an infertility clinic, you have access to effective treatment options. Together we will decide the best course to take, accounting for affordability, success rates and your personal goals.

Your diagnosis will determine whether we start with ovulation induction and intrauterine insemination, or move directly to IVF, in vitro fertilization. When you have an urgent need to protect fertility prior to chemotherapy or radiation, our infertility clinic will fast-track your case with fertility rescue.

  • Fertility Rescue - Our fertility specialists expertly and compassionately work with men, women and young adolescents to protect their future fertility. We employ cryopreservation to “bank” reproductive materials prior to chemotherapy or radiation. Freezing eggs, sperm, embryos or tissues keeps them out of harm’s way, until it’s time to start a family after cancer. Our infertility clinic has a long-standing relationship with Cook Children’s Hospital-Fort Worth.
  • Elective Fertility Preservation - The breakthrough ability to effectively freeze (cryopreserve) a woman’s eggs provides greater flexibility with family building. If you anticipate waiting beyond your early 30s to get pregnant, ask our infertility clinic about elective fertility preservation.
  • PGD - Pre Implantation Genetic Diagnosis provides essential information for both fertility specialist and potential parent. With PGD, we remove and study 1-3 cells from the developing embryo prior to transfer in an IVF cycle. This advanced technology enables us to diagnose genetic disease or chromosomal imbalances in the IVF lab, and to transfer only healthy embryos. Couples experiencing recurrent miscarriage or with known genetic disease in their families benefit from PGD.
  • Surrogacy - Third-party reproduction provides an alternative to adoption for couples with significant barriers to getting pregnant through traditional methods. A surrogate undergoes a cycle of IVF at our infertility clinic, and carries a pregnancy to term without sharing a biological connection with the baby.

The fertility treatments you are familiar with—IVF and IUI—now have expanded options for addressing unique conditions and concerns. For example, our infertility clinic offers the use of frozen embryo transfer with IVF to lower the cost of repeat cycles. We help prevent recurrent miscarriage with preimplantation genetic diagnosis PGD, and expand options for same-sex couples with donor services.

Our infertility clinic redefines what’s possible in reproductive medicine. We bring leading edge fertility treatment options to Dallas, Keller and the Mid Cities. Your goal of starting a family, now or in the future, is within reach at Fort Worth Fertility Center. Contact us to schedule a consultation with our fertility specialists, experts in providing effective treatment.