Egg Donor Recipient Screening

Egg Donor Recipient Screening

Candidates for egg donation (OD) include healthy, married women under the age of 48 who have one of the following indications:

  • Absent or inadequate ovarian function
  • Multiple miscarriages related to chromosomal abnormalities (translocation or age-related)
  • Presence of a genetic disorder the couple does not want passed on to their child
  • Repeated failure with in vitro fertilization (IVF)
  • Advanced reproductive age associated with very limited chances for IVF to succeed using the woman's own eggs.

Determination of preliminary eligibility for the program is based on information from our office's history form and copies of medical records documenting female and/or male infertility evaluations and treatments.

The Egg Donor Recipient Screening includes the following:

  • Evaluation of prior infertility work-ups and treatments
  • Assessment of the need for additional testing or alternative treatment options
  • Review of benefits, risks, and limitations of the OD program

The OD program requires psychological evaluation in the form of an interview between the recipient couple and the donor's agencies or the program's psychologist. This evaluation is required to assist in determining the couple's motivation, expectations, support systems, sources of stress, coping mechanisms, and other areas of concern. These factors may influence the couple's willingness to participate in the OD program.

The consultation with the egg donor coordinator will include:

  • Review of records to ensure a complete infertility work-up of the patient and husband has been performed
  • Discussion of the OD program with its benefits, risks, limitations and costs
  • Planning of female and male testing to meet screening requirements
  • Synchronizing the egg donor and recipient
  • Reviewing the treatment calendar

Required laboratory and diagnostic studies include a recent pap smear, TSH, mammogram if necessary, hysteroscopy and a trial transfer. If the patient is older than 44 we also require an EKG, stress test, chest x-ray and evaluation by a primary care physician.

The doctors and staff at Fort Worth Fertility cannot give legal advice about any property or custody rights issues or questions an interested party may have and anyone considering these programs is strongly encouraged to obtain legal advice from a competent attorney of their choosing.

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