My Egg Bank

Frozen Egg Donation

Fort Worth Fertility is proud to be an affiliate with My Egg Bank.

We offer a Frozen Donor Egg option through our partnership and utilize the services to efficiently and cost effectively treatment plan. The frozen egg cycle will be planned and implemented around your personal schedule and we put you in control of the donor selection process.


The average cost for a cycle using My Egg Bank is $19,000.

My Egg Bank

The ground breaking frozen egg technology developed and utilized by the RBA Egg Bank results in substantial clinical and economic advantages over standard fresh cycles offered by conventional egg donation programs.

RBA's frozen egg bank cumulative pregnancy rates mirror those of the world's most successful fresh egg donation programs. The frozen egg pregnancy rate has been consistently about 65% since the egg bank opened in 2007.


Since the recipient and donor's menstrual cycles do not have to be coordinated, the entire matching and transfer process can be conveniently timed around the schedule of the recipients.


My Egg Bank only accepts donor eggs from the highest quality egg donors. In addition to meeting all FDA compliance standards, approved egg donors go through a clinical, psychological and genetic screening process.


For more information about My Egg Bank, visit the website at or contact the office to speak with a knowledgable representative.

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