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Our IVF Lab, the Heartbeat of our Infertility Center

When you decide on in vitro or seek out alternative parenting options, our infertility center enlists a network of IVF laboratory staff through Ovation Fertility. Located within steps of Fort Worth Fertility, our IVF lab provides essential services for fertility testing and treatment.

We maintain the highest standards in reproductive medicine and our proud to partner with Ovation Fertility. For more information about Ovation, visit their website at www.ovationfertility.com or contact them directly by calling 817-984-7470.

Inside the IVF Lab

An IVF lab is uniquely designed to protect your genetic materials--developing embryos, sperm samples for semen analysis and frozen eggs, for example. Our infertility center partners with an IVF lab outfitted with sterile, state-of-the-art materials and equipment:

  • An industry leading HVAC air filtration system
  • Nontoxic paints and surfaces
  • Incubators that simulate womb-like conditions and enhance embryo growth
  • Embryo culture mediums that mimic the supply of nutrients a mother provides in the early days of gestation

The high standards in maintaining our “clean room” environment also apply to our process to identify and safeguard eggs, sperm and embryos.

Beyond IVF: Comprehensive Services for Genetic Screening and Cryofertility

Our center’s IVF lab provides much more than you can imagine. Yes, we support standard in vitro fertilization cycles. However, the embryologists and andrologists in the IVF lab can be found hunting for genetic disease with PGD, or injecting a single sperm into an egg during ICSI.

Microscopic miracles take place every day at our infertility center.


Genetic Screening

A single cell removed from an embryo provides a wealth of information. DNA mapping allows embryologists in the IVF lab to identify genetic problems through PGD and PGS. Preimplantation genetic screening, PGS, benefits couples at risk for chromosomal imbalances and recurrent miscarriage. With PGS, we can find embryos affected by Down’s syndrome or Turner Syndrome. Preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) is employed when one or both partners carry a single gene defect, or inheritable genetic disease.

Male Infertility Andrology Services

Male infertility is a factor in half of all cases, so our infertility center recommends semen analysis as a diagnostic benchmark. In the IVF lab, semen analysis can rule out male infertility, sperm washing improves IUI outcomes, and ICSI can help men with a very low sperm count become fathers.



Sperm banking has evolved. Today’s IVF lab gives you more options than ever before with cryopreservation of eggs, embryos and sperm. A woman can proactively freeze her young, healthy eggs to start a family later in life. Men, women and young adolescents with cancer are protected with fertility rescue.

Contact our fertility center to learn more about the IVF lab services that remove barriers to getting pregnant.


At Fort Worth Fertility we attract patients and couples from Fort Worth and surrounding areas as well as internationally.

Did You Know?

Fort Worth Fertility has the only free standing IVF lab in Fort Worth.