Donor Services

Donor Egg and Donor Sperm Options for IUI and IVF

You’ve arrived at a crossroads. Choosing donor egg and/or donor sperm is not an easy decision, but one that leads to the joy of parenthood. The advanced technology of donor services with in vitro fertilization, IVF, has created forever families and milestone moments. When you focus on the positive pregnancy test ahead, the ‘path less traveled’ doesn’t seem so arduous.

You likely have questions about what to expect with an IVF cycle involving donor egg and/or donor sperm. Fort Worth Fertility provides expert guidance throughout the process, offering an in-house donor egg program. We can also help you choose accredited and respected partners to provide:

  • Additional egg donor options
  • Donor sperm
  • Surrogacy or gestational surrogacy services
  • Legal counsel
  • Psychological support

Deciding on Donor Egg IVF

Some causes of female infertility may lead you to consider donor egg with IVF. Any woman who does not produce viable, genetically sound oocytes or eggs benefits from donor egg technology. Men in same-sex couples may also consider starting a family with a surrogate and donor egg.

In both situations, we will help you choose either a frozen egg bank, or fresh eggs from an anonymous donor. Fort Worth Fertility provides an in-house egg donor program, and we go to great lengths to screen our egg donors. In fact, we only accept 1 out of every 20 candidates into our egg donor program.

An IVF cycle with donor oocytes is successful 75 % of the time in our fertility clinic.

Starting a Family with Donor Sperm
Donor sperm provides an alternative plan for single women who wish to become pregnant, couples with male infertility, or anyone affected by genetic disease. It also expands alternative parenting options for same-sex couples.

Donor sperm is highly screened, quarantined and regulated to protect the recipients. Our infertility center uses reputable sperm banks from around the country.

Gestational Carriers & Surrogates
When nature closes a door, surrogacy opens a window. Women that cannot carry a baby to term can choose third-party reproduction. A gestational carrier undergoes a cycle of IVF to get pregnant, and the baby she carries will not share her DNA. We work with the intended parents, retrieving eggs, and collecting sperm if possible. Donor egg and donor sperm will fill gaps caused by infertility issues.

Our fertility center has a long history of providing advanced technology, including donor services and IVF, to Keller, Arlington and cities in between. Contact us to learn how donor eggs, donor sperm and surrogacy make parenthood possible.



Who is a surrogate?

A surrogate is a woman that carries a pregnancy, and gives birth to a baby, on behalf of an intended parent(s). With gestational surrogacy, the woman carrying the baby does not have a biological connection to the baby. Gestational surrogacy employs donor eggs + donor sperm. A traditional surrogate supplies her own eggs.