New Patients

Welcome to Our Fertility Clinic: Your Family Begins Here

We are pleased to welcome you to Fort Worth Fertility and look forward to celebrating your successful outcome. Our team of accomplished reproductive endocrinologists, scientists, registered nurses and patient advocates provide comprehensive care. Beyond fertility testing and treatment, we take time to assist in your fertility education and wellness plan.

The patient resources and ancillary services we offer address all of your needs:

  • Reassuring you with accurate information about fertility
  • Providing the latest resources to broaden your fertility education
  • Caring for your health and wellness with referrals and resources
  • Facilitating smooth sailing with our concierge services for fertility tourism

Relief from Stress and Infertility
Fertility complementary medicine is an offshoot of traditional medicine with statistical relevance. Acupuncture, an ancient practice of influencing the body’s energy flow, has shown to improve IVF success rates for some women. Fertility complementary medicine, including yoga and massage, can have a direct impact on your treatment cycle, or a broader benefit of stress reduction.

In addition to fertility complementary medicine, consider taking proactive steps to shore up emotional support during fertility treatment. That may mean investigating online resources such as the National Infertility Association (RESOLVE), finding a support group or enlisting a licensed fertility therapist. Talking openly with your partner about expectations for infertility treatment and learning more about treatment options can help too.

Our fertility clinic refers patients to fertility therapists and fertility complementary medicine practitioners in the Dallas, Southlake and Fort Worth area.

Your Home Away from Home: Fertility Tourism
Our fertility clinic employs dedicated staff members for out-of-town patients. We specialize in coordinating fertility treatment such as IVF to maximize the time you have in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. We can work with your home physician for blood work and sonograms, or schedule the entire fertility treatment cycle with one or two extended visits.

Our friendly and knowledgeable concierge services for U.S. and international patients also include:

  • Tips for hotel stays
  • Highlights of recreational hot spots
  • A list of local transportation companies

Dallas and Fort Worth offers a wide variety of leisure activities. The mild climate and easy access to Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport make us an ideal destination for fertility tourism.

The experience of infertility will change your outlook on life. At our fertility clinic, we strive to incorporate positive elements that will strengthen you as a person and as a couple. Lean on us for advice and resources, from fertility education to fertility complementary medicine.

Contact our fertility clinic, located in Fort Worth near Southlake and accessible to Dallas. We welcome new patients from all around the U.S. and foreign countries because we have established ourselves as a leading provider of fertility care and support. 


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